Dog Kennel Floor Coatings

Fllor Coatings Grand Rapids, MI

If you own and operate a dog kennel, keeping your customer’s animals happy and healthy starts with high-quality dog kennel flooring. A-1 Painting Management understands the importance of a functional and safe place for your dogs. Our dog kennel flooring products set your business apart from the rest.

A-1 Painting Management offers products that keep your facility clean and professional. Whether you have outdoor dog kennel flooring in need of a touch-up, or you are looking for an inside dog kennel floor coating for protection, we offer solutions for any space.

Our dog kennel flooring products include these benefits and more:

  • Exemplary Service: We take pride in our team and offer exceptional service to our customers and community.

  • Certified and Trained Installers: Certified and trained specialists handle our products for an installation you can trust.

  • Custom Colors: Choose from standard and custom colors to achieve the style and beauty that fits your needs.

  • Easy Cleaning: Our coatings make it easy to clean any mess in your kennel, keeping your dogs healthy.

With A-1 Painting Management, our services include both indoor and outdoor dog kennel flooring to make sure every space is covered. For more information on dog kennel floor coatings from the experts at A-1 Painting Management, please contact us here or call us directly at 888.705.1146.